Type: Custom RPG
Exp: Staged, around 5x
PvP: Open
Magic rate: 5x
Skill rate: 7x
Loot rate: 1.5x
Protection level: 50
Account name

Donation Shop

Our Policy with Donations

When donating to the server, you will recieve donation points, which can be traded for certain features or items. Since our main concern is to offer a balanced server, none of our donations is designed to give the player game-breaking advantages. On this server you won't find donation swords with 99 attack, and you won't even be able to buy in-game currency for real money.

Ingame Shop

To trade your points for rewards, you will need to go to the NPC Emilio, who can be located on three locations:
  • The north-west corner of the castle of Tindra, on the upper floor.
  • The citybuilders' camp on Frisiga.
  • The tavern of Sialeth.
He will tell you the amount of donation points you have, and sell all the rewards. He will also convert your points into donation scrolls, which hold 50 points and give them to the player that uses them. That way you will be able to easily give points to your friends.

Change name: Changes your character's name to a new one. 45 points
Change sex: Changes your character's sex. 20 points
Blessing of power: Increases the rate at which you advance your skills and magic level by 15% for 1 week. 35 points
Fire War Horse: Gives your character the ability to ride a fire war horse. 100 points.
Refillable potions: Can store up to 250 charges and are equivalent to certain types of potions. There are potions of wisdom (SMP), greater wisdom (GMP), supreme wisdom (UMP), purity (GSP), greater purity (USP), might (GHP) and greater might (UHP). They only weigh about 25% of the weight of their non-refillable counterparts and can be refilled at magic shop NPCs at the same cost as their equivalent potions. 70 points
Guild Experience: Can only be purchased by guild leaders. Increases the experience of the whole guild by 20% for one week. 190 points
Yalahari Outfit: Gives your character the ability to wear either the good or the evil yalaharian outfit. 75 points
Golden Lion: Gives your character the ability to ride a mighty golden lion. 200 points
Moon backpack: A very light backpack (1 oz) that can hold up to 35 items. 15 points
Elvish Blossom: Can be used to brew elixirs of experience with an alchemy skill of 50. Elixirs of experience increase your experience gain by 35% for 30 minutes. 15 points
Shadow draptor: Gives your character the ability to ride a shadow draptor. 150 points
Phoenix Feather: A feather that completely recharges your offline training time on use. 20 points
Custom House Blueprint: Give this blueprint to a Gamemaster in order to build your own custom house wherever you like. Up to 40 sqm per blueprint (you can give in multiple blueprints at once for a larger house). 180 points
Tempest: Gives your character the ability to ride a powerful Tempest. 250 points
Swiss Knife: Can act as a rope, shovel, machete and pick (but can't mine ores), and doesn't break. 10 points
Ranger Outfit: Gives your character the ability to wear the ranger outfit with its addons. 190 points
Time Compass: Recharges your stamina up to 40 hours. 50 points
Disenchanting Wand: Can be used on any disenchantable item to instantly split it into its basic materials. 115 points
Aether Scythe: Can harvest any kind of plant. It has a 30% increased chance of successful gathering, yields 25% extra plants on harvest and has a 80 uses. 40 points
Advanced vial set: An alchemist vial that can brew all kinds of potions. 35 points
Dragon Pickaxe: Can mine any kind of ore. It has a 30% increased chance of successful mining, yields 25% extra ores and has a 80 uses. 40 points
Holy Hammer: A blacksmith hammer that can craft any kind of armor or weapon. 35 points
Arcane Crystal: A crystal that creates a mailbox that lasts 3 minutes on use. Cannot be used while in fight. Also provides you with a parcel and a label. 8 points
5 Arcane Crystals: A pack of 5 magic crystals. 25 points
Ghastly Steed: Gives your character the ability to ride the fearsome ghastly steed. 300 points