Type: Custom RPG
Exp: Staged, around 5x
PvP: Open
Magic rate: 5x
Skill rate: 7x
Loot rate: 1.5x
Protection level: 50
Account name
Small update
A small patch has been released today with several fixes and some new content, specially for shamans. Make sure to download the newest client version (4.3) from our downloads section, or you might experience in-game debugs. If you are not sure if you have the latest client version, you can open your game client, click "Info" and check if the version is 4.30.00. 

For more information about the changes of this patch, make sure to visit our changelog:

That being said, have fun and enjoy the new content! See you in-game!
Extra experience event!
For a week, all players below up to level 100 will obtain an additional 50% experience from creatures. Moreover, all players will advance skills and magic level at a 50% increased rate!

We think this will help newer players catch up, but there are other ways that we believe higher level players will soon enough find out! (And we'll introduce more). This way, we'll keep everybody motivated and with good chances of being there when the slaughter of the Ruthless Seven takes place!

With this patch, we're also introducing several balance changes and bugfixes. Make sure to check out our changelog to read about them!

Have fun!
Server Launch and Hotfix
What a rough start! And what a success!

We just wanted to let you know about the recent fixes that have been implemented during the day. The most important ones are:
  • Rods are now working as intended.
  • The shared experience party / guild experience bonus is now working properly.
  • The swiss knife is now fully functional.
Also, we just implemented a live hotfix that takes care of some quest/level doors that were not working as intended. Now they work properly.

We know there are still other bugs out there, and we got many tracked  down already. We are working on them to having them fixed as soon as possible! Have a great time playing on Ruthless Chaos!

Kind regards,
Kelin & Darkstar
Launch of Season 4
Do you remember the first time you played Tibia? When you felt the adrenaline when going into unexplored caves, and enjoyed exploring and discovering the most creepy places you could ever imagine?

We want you to get that feeling back. After a long wait, the 4th Season of Ruthless Chaos is ready for release.

Release Date: Friday, 7th July 2017, at 15:00 CET

The new season will bring lots of new features and content, including the first custom vocation of Ruthless Chaos and a new profession, Jewelry. Also, this brand-new website layout. What stays the same is the spirit of the server and your ultimate goal: To venture into the hellish realm and defeat the Ruthless Seven.

The battle against the armies of the Hell is about to begin!

Kind regards,
Kelin & Darkstar