Type: Custom RPG
Exp: Staged, around 5x
PvP: Open
Magic rate: 5x
Skill rate: 7x
Loot rate: 1.5x
Protection level: 50
Account name



17 August 2017 (01:05)
- A new spell for shamans of level 140 has been added: Purify. You can read more about it on the shaman info page!
- Reduced the extra damage shamans take while casting Tremor and Thunder burst from 40% to 25%. Also slightly decreased their damage.
- Reduced the cooldown of Defying Roar to 6 seconds
- High class lizard bodies are now skinnable.
- Challenger booze is now also usable by shamans.
- Greatly increased the spawnrate of dreaded infernals.
- Fixed an issue where player would not go out of iron wall form when dieing under the effects of an elixir of letus.
- Darksteel shield and adamant cape are now socketable.
- Thyrole will now be correctly requiring you to kill 25 muscaliets to complete his task.
- The option to change your password has been added to the "My account" page of the website.
- Fixed some totems not recognizing the party leader as a member of the party.
- Glooth amulet should now correctly granting its resistances. It should also now be only wieldable by sorcerers and druids.
- Fixed a bug that caused the spells Enchant/Imbue Weapon not to cost any mana.
- Thaumanuhrs statue explosions may no longer stack. Their warning effect has been made more visible.
- Fixed a bug that would allow players to use the /blizzard talkaction. How did you guys even find out?
- Enslaved mortals should now be properly decaying over time.
- Fixed a bug that would cause some players not to receive the reward of slaying Thaumanuhr.
- Fixed a bug that would cause Thamanuhr's summon spell not to work.
- Several gems that were not removable with gem removers have been fixed.
- Concentrated demonic blood should now be working.
- Fixed a bug that would allow the scorched widow to swap positions with players outside the bossfight room, resulting in a funny situation.
- Fixed lots of mapbugs. Keep those coordinate reports coming, they are incredible useful for finding mapbugs!

13 August 2017 (00:23)
- Several new equipment pieces have been added to the game, as dungeon rewards, monster loot and blacksmithing recipes.
- The shaman spell "Enchant weapon" now allows the shaman to enchant his weapon with several elements. The spell is now cast as exeta mas "element" (tera/vis/flam/mort/frigo).
- Ghost totems will now attack their master's target with the element of the shaman's enchanted weapon, if he is wielding one.
- Upon a house auction finishing, players will no longer have to wait until the next server restart to receive their house. Instead, from now on, houses will be awarded each day at 9:00 server time.
- Two new commands have been added to the game, "alito sio" and "alito som", which will allow you to leave your current house or trade it with another player.
- Reduced the cost of the power of wisdom blessing in the 100-180 level range.
- Increased the rewards of the deathmatch event.
- 4 new elite creatures have been added to the game.
- Increased the range of all shaman enchanted weapon spells to 5.
- The hardcore mode of the daily task arena should now be working properly.
- Fixed an issue with Vas'un's minions not dieing over time.
- Players should no longer be able to levitate to the higher floor of the deathmatch event.
- Bloodkiss flowers, glowing mushrooms and fertile glowing mushrooms have been made stackable, as intended.
- Increased the chance of harvesting bamboo sticks.
- Fixed a bug that caused distance weapons to not break and elemental enchanted weapons not to lose charges.
- Slightly increased the damage of hellborns.
- The recipe found on the way to Narolth, in blood beasts, should now be awarded correctly.
- The bossfight room of the master of the dread is now a non-logout zone.
- Reduced the area damage that the one-hit wonder deals.
- Fixed a bug that would cause some summons to stack with their master.
- Players are no longer able to mount or change their outfit while in wolf form.
- Several items have been made sellable/disenchantable/socketable.
- Fixed several mapbugs, typos and wrong item descriptions.

07 August 2017 (00:25)
Today, with our 50% extra experience event for low levels coming to an end, we're bringing you a small patch/update with quite some changes. Enjoy!

- The bossfight of Ferumbras has been reworked. Slaying him will from now on grant a permanent 5% experience bonus to players below level 80. This effect will stack each time Ferumbras is killed, but will have a cooldown of 1 week.
- The elite spawning system has been massively reworked, inspired by a proposal on the forums. The main differences with the previous sytem are that several elites may be alive at the same time, that elites may now appear anywhere where the original monster spawns (not just hunting areas), that elites will no longer spawn if there is a player on screen and that elites will now "replace" the creature they spawn as, meaning that if there is for example a spawn of 3 dragons, and one of them spawns as an elite, only 2 other regular dragons will spawn with it instead of 3.
- Also, 20 new elite creatures have been added to the game.
- Trance healing and Spiritual healing now heal significantly more if the shaman is wielding an enchanted weapon.
- The damage of the spells Conflagration and Overload has been significantly increased.
- The spell Purging Fire, if cast against a creature, now stuns the target for a long duration scaling with the player's magic level.
- The report coordinates function had a network protocol bug that made the server reject incoming reports. This has been fixed.
- Added a new item to the donation shop: Time Compass, which recharges your stamina up to 40 hours.
- Fixed an issue that would sometimes make creatures spawn twice.
- Heavy trident now has the correct stats, is disenchantable and sellable.
- Fixed a bug that would cause creatures not to spawn according to their normal spawn timers if there were multiple creatures in the same spawn. Making it simple, this fix means that spawn rates will be faster globally.
- Changed the behaviour of summons when they are not in range of their master.
- Fixed a bug with the blacksmithing/alchemy items granting the addons of the wayfarer/shaman outfits.
- Corrected the formula of shared experience. If the leader enables it while the level ranges of the party are too far apart, they will now get a warning message.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the game client to crash when trying to enter a serunt room while not having offline training time.
- The tonguefruit should now be correctly giving the siegebreaker mount. This time, for sure!
- Incandescent sulphurs are now sellable at some NPCs.
- Fixed a bug that would cause players to get stuck in Carlin if they died before reaching the survivor's camp in Frisiga.
- Redistributed the rewards of pieces of cloth across several dungeons.
- The fishing daily task should now correctly grant a zinc coin upon completion.
- The experience door leading to Shard should now be working properly.
- Fixed a bug that would cause players who used Challenger Booze to not be able to use battle potions until they relogged.
- When looking at players through the battle list, you will now also be able to see their Sarlin Society rank and passive damage bonus.
- The path to ambushers is no longer blockable by a character below protection level.
- The corpses of water elementals are now correctly movable after 10 seconds.
- Fixed the duplication of some NPCs of Arnera during the Broodmother raid.
- When completing a task, NPCs would respond to "report" as if you had already accepted their next task even if you didn't, causing confusion. This has been fixed.
- Fixed several mapbugs.

30 July 2017 (19:05)
- Added the option to report coordinates when right-clicking on a position or item. This should allow players to quickly report mapbugs or other issues ingame without the need to post on the forums or message the gamemasters.
- Ghost totems now grant 2 magic levels and Bear totems now grant 4 club fighting skills. Their mana costs have been reduced and their health has been slightly increased.
- The attack animation of the Hellfire Elemental has been corrected and it no longer crashes the client.
- The damage of enchanted shaman weapons has been increased.
- The minimum healing of Spiritual Healing has been increased. Its maximum healing remains unchanged.
- The slow of the icicle bow has been increased to 20%, and its hitchance has been increased to 4%.
- Draken elites and draken abominations now count towards the draken task of the Sarlin Society.
- Fixed a bug that would cause some boat NPCs to mix up the destinations of players when several players were talking to it.
- Magic light wands and frozen starlights are now equipable in the arrow slot.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent Kanirith from responding to players.
- Made several new items (elemental sets and others) socketable.
- Phoenix feather now regenerates your offline training instead of your soul.
- It is no longer possible to log out in the bossfight room of Horeos Kolos.
- Fixed the randomly targeting missile spell of Verkan. Also corrected his mount looktype.
- Potions that make players passively deal AoE damage (ex. potion of tremor, potion of barbaric force...) no longer cause damage inside protection zones.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the whirlwind throw spell not to work correctly when wearing the darksteel armor.
- Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause equiping items via hotkey not to work until the player relogged.
- Tonguefruit should now be correctly giving out the Siegebreaker mount.
- Fixed several mapbugs and typos.

24 July 2017 (23:31)
- Mythalamund now correctly loses health from its self-damage. It also transforms the player into a valid look type.
- The bodies of Ambushers and Narolth no longer crash the client.
- The Ultimate Spirit Potions are now working.
- The challenger booze now correctly improves the challenge spell.
- The exhaustions for storm surge and volcanic rain have been corrected. You can no longer cast offensive spells while casting it, although you can now use refillable potions.
- Stealth Riders, at the Ferumbras Tower quest, now correctly perform their multi-shot ability.
- The talkaction for bonuses should now work properly.
- Added Mastermind Shield and Elite Draken Mail to jewelry tier 1 items. Also corrected the available gems for Zaoan Helmet.
- Fixed the large construction kit not changing to a large trunk.
- Fixed a bug that caused Khur'Obaros not to change to its final form.

22 July 2017 (22:35)
- The portal of commander Virtus is now working properly.
- Fixed some item descriptions that were missing.
- Arcane Crystals now summon the correct parcel. However, there is still a bug where the mailbox can appear under an item like a stone, and not be usable. We are still working on fixing that issue. Meanwhile, please make sure that the mailbox will appear on a clean ground tile. Also, players who previously used an arcane crystal will have them back.
- The recipe for ravager's axe is working properly now.
- Opening a body of a dreaded infernal will no longer crash the game client.
- Reduced the attack strength of Serunts.
- Finished balancing another boss that was already implemented into the game.
- The blood rage of icy ogres will no longer remove the green skull of friendly elite icy ogres or glacial behemoths.
- Disenchanting a medusa shield will now give dusts correctly.
- Fixed some other mapbugs and minor errors.

18 July 2017 (23:40)
- Players with red skull and blessing now lose all items.
- Traps now deal 0 damage, to prevent abuse.
- Swiss Knives now work to pick holes.
- Added a system that prevents players from stealing the rewards after completing a dungeon.
- As a workaround to the issue with Arnera's scarab raid, the removal of the conflicting NPCs (that were having duplicates) has been disabled.
- The description of dragon pickaxe and aether scythe now shows the correct amount of uses left.
- Completed the balancing of a high level boss that is already in the game.
- Other mapbugs and minor fixes.

15 July 2017 (12:32)
- The Alchemy recipes now grant the correct skill amount.
- It is now possible to add a meelee skill / distance skill gem in a socket of golden legs or mithril legs.
- Blessed Wooden Stake now correctly skins vampire brides.

14 July 2017 (15:32)
- A new spell has been added to the Shaman vocation: Summon Stoneskin totem. This spell, usable only by shamans with imbued weapons, aims to help shamans to slightly become more viable tanks.
- The stamina regeneration while offline training has been increased up to the normal rate of stamina regeneration while being offline.
- Increased the damage of shaman strike spells and their basic healing spell, specially at lower levels.
- A referal system has been added to the game! From now on, players who register an account may state a referer. When any character of that account reaches level 80, the referer will receive a special and unique reward.
- The global monster lootrate has been slightly increased due to player feedback and to adjust to the introduction of the jewelry vocation.
- Support for tutor position has been added to the game. We will designate some players which we believe have good common sense, a good level of English and most importantly, a high understanding of Ruthless Chaos as tutors, to help us moderate channels like the Ruthless Chaos chat and Discord. This will allow us to focus more on development tasks like creating new content and solving bugs.
- Shamans have gained a small base elemental resistance.
- Increased the amount of shiver hunters around some areas of Frisiga. Also, Costello will now mark some areas with a high concentration of shiver hunters on your map when accepting the quest "Hunting the hunters".
- Fixed a bug that would cause challenger booze to render the challenge spell useless.
- The passage of the boat in Demon Valley has been made wider to prevent players from blocking access to the valley.
- Fixed the attack of several elemental weapons.
- Reduced the spawn times of crystal spiders, hydras, wyrms and serpent spawns.
- Captain Morningstar in Demon Valley will now kick you out of the boat if you say "kick" to him.
- Fixed several mapbugs and typos.

12 July 2017 (22:59)
- A very strange interaction between different formulas was making all players on the server advance their magic level at about 3x the normal rate. That's why with this patch, appart from fixing the issue, the magic levels of all players have adjusted towards the value that they should actually have according to their total manaspent. All magic levels have been then rounded up towards the next magic level, which means that everyone should have up to 1 magic level more than what they should actually have. This has been done to prevent player frustration and to keep this adjustment from being too harsh.
- Fixed a major bug that allowed druids to cast offensive spells in wolf form.
- 4 new rooms have been added to the serunts at Tindra.
- Fixed a bug that allowed Verkan to become invunerable.
- Players will no longer be able to enter bossfight rooms (for example Karim/Yeti) if they are currently protection zone blocked.
- Fixed a bug that prevented players to advance in the Lost Trails quest.
- Players traveling from the citybuilders camp in Frisiga to the Orclands will now have their hometown set to Carla's camp, to prevent them getting stuck in Frisiga after dieing in the Orclands before having accepted Carla's quest.
- Concentrated demonic blood now correctly transforms into a strong health/mana potion when used.
- Adjusted the loot of several creatures.
- Fixed several mapbugs and typos.

11 July 2017 (11:52)
A hotfix has been implemented on the live server that addresses these two issues:

- Healing totem now works properly.
- NPC Emilio did give an incorrect skill boost that would fix itself when relogging. This has been fixed.

11 July 2017 (00:30)
Today's patch brings the following changes to Ruthless Chaos. Enjoy!

- 2 new spells have been added for the Shaman vocation: Thunder Blast and Tremor! You can read more about them on the shaman page of this website.
- Stamina now regenerates while training at serunts, at half the rate it regenerates while being offline.
- The cooldowns of summoning shaman totems has been reduced from 35 seconds to 12 seconds, but their health has been substantially lowered.
- Reduced the mana costs of summoning bear and ghost totems.
- Fixed attack of Fire Sword and Fire Axe
- Fixed the daily quest that requires you to kill an elite creature.
- Mass Healing now heals other players correctly.
- The spells Rejuvenation and Healing Totem now take the party leader into account.
- Refilling potions at the magic store now works properly.
- Ice witch and hydra elites should now be spawning correctly.
- The broodmother raid in Arnera now handles the fleeing and respawning NPCs correctly. Its chance has been reduced.
- The offline training counter now regenerates and now you actually get kicked out of the training room when the time is up.
- Swiss knifes and machetes now correctly destroy wild growths.
- Traps no longer deal damage to players in protection zones.
- Groundslam Potion now properly grants its buff.
- Shiver arrows now correctly deal ice damage.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the client to crash during the yeti bossfight.
- Shovels and Swiss knife now properly dig the cave for The Evil quest.
- Fixed several mapbugs and typos.