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26 September 2016 (18:37) by Dellboy - UntoldOT update patch V1.1
In this update we made:
-Dragon scale legs are now for knight not for paladin.
-Exodus legs now gives +3 mlvl
-Added donate shield for paladin
-Push delay is now lower
-Knights will get their manarune in their backpack.
-Added 3 new spawns for high levels.
-Added 3 new quests (Outfiter, Addon Doll, Machete)
-Spawns till 500 level now have low and high spawn.
-Added new city (Brawngler)
-Fixed points for levels system.

For new players!
-In-game can be founded exp booster item that will give you nice amount of exp. Monsters who drop exp boosters (Cyclops, Dragons, Dragon Lords, Hydras, Demons)
-You can collect all donation items in-game by killing bosses and doing daily quests. All bosses drops "Donation Coins" and that coins can be changed at npc "Gurshak" temple+1.
-GOD's challange event! Reward for that event is Freeze rune . Every player can ask for that event everyday between (15:00-17:00).
-Second best in-game set is (anodus/exodus), there is quest for that set in quest room +1. Level to acces that quest is 500.Also there are few quests for donation EQ.

Regards from UntoldOT team.
19 September 2016 (13:25) by Dellboy - UntoldOT update patch V1
In this update we made:
-Knight MR is added as reward at 200 level
-Bosses drops now great items and collectible items that you can sell to npc
Old G and get donation tokens or you can use them as acces to donation quests.
-Added new spawn Worker Golems for 1k + level players
-Added target spells for 800 level for every vocation
-All bugs are fixed.
-GOD Challange event. Everyone who kill all monsters in GOD challange event will recive Freeze rune. You can obtain freeze rune only in that challange!

Next update patch:
-New exp places for 500+ level
-New quests
-New promotion. Promotion gives acces to new bosses, faster regeneration and hp/mana buff. Also with new promotion you will get acces to new city where you will found many custom spawns for high level players.
And also more improvements stay tuned!  
Note: Everyone who did not got points for 600/700 level feel free to pm Saires in-game. 

Old exp stage is set back!

Regards from UntoldOT team.
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